Charles smallwood - RIP

Charles Smallwood - General Secretary  BPA 1989 – 2003

The Boots Pharmacists’ Association were very sad to learn of the death of Charles Smallwood just four days before his 84th birthday.

Charles died in hospital on the 29th November 2014.

Although he had had a heart by-pass operation in the summer, he had apparently recovered from the operation.

However in November he developed jaundice and was unable to feed and died in Croydon Hospital.

Charles qualified from the Chelsea School of Pharmacy and joined Boots as a prereg, working all his professional life for Boots.

He retired from Boots, taking the then voluntary early retirement option in 1988 after working for 35 years for Boots.

He was a pharmacist and manager in many London stores of Boots in this period.

Charles Smallwood was a supporter of JBPA* from its inception in 1973.

He was the original secretary of the Professional Standing Committee (PSC) of J.B.P.A.

which was a significant force on the professional side of pharmacy at that time.

He, with Stan Wheatley and John Carr, presented evidence to the Nuffield enquiry into Pharmacy in the 1980s

on behalf of the JBPA. He subsequently became Vice Chairman of the PSC.  He also edited the

JBPA magazine, called Progress. Charles Smallwood became the first General Secretary of JBPA in 1989.

This was the first time we had employed a pharmacist to fulfil this demanding role and he had all the required qualities.

He worked, with me, as Chair, from then until 2003, when I also retired from the Company.

During this time he dealt with all routine correspondence; organised all meetings; compiled and published all the JBPA Reports;

improved communication to members via Progress and Newsletters.

He was an superb support to me as chair over a significant period of JBPA’s development.

He was essentially a pharmacist of the old school and remained a Member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society throughout his life.

He attained 50 years membership of the RPSGB in 2003.

His contribution to pharmacy, both locally and nationally, through both JBPA and the RPSGB, was immeasurable.

He was elected a Life Member of BPA in 2010.

Charles was lovely man, loyal to many colleagues and members of BPA and to me.

His first love undoubtedly was pharmacy and his family. I shall miss him as a great friend and colleague.

Our condolences go to his wife, Geraldine and his three children.

Peter J. Walker

Chair BPA 1989-2003.

CEO, BPA 2003-2014

* Boots Pharmacists’ Association (BPA) was originally called the Joint Boots Pharmacists’ Association (JBPA)